About our bags

The exterior and lining of all Pick & Pack bags is made of recycled polyester and vegan leather. Our recycled polyester consists of 90% recycled water bottles called RPET (Recycled Pet Bottles). Compared with regular polyester fabrics this material has a 70% lower energy consumption, 86% lower water consumption and 75% lower carbon footprint. It is manufactured by our trusted partner in Asia. The bottom of the Pick & Pack bags and some details are made of vegan leather. For this kind of leather no animal products are used in production and it has less impact on the environment.

In a few steps the recycling process from bottle to bag:

o Collection & sorting
The first step in the recycling process is always collecting the plastic material that is to be recycled and transport it to a recycling facility. The plastic is cleaned and sorted dependent on what final product is being produced.

o Washing & resizing

Before they are further processed plastics must be washed and everything that is not made from plastic should be removed. Resizing consists of shredding or granulating the plastic waste into small parts.

o Compounding
Compounding is when the small plastic particles are smashed and melted together into plastic pellets. The pellets can then be used in the production of other plastic products.

o Spinning, weaving & sewing
The pellets are melted again, then extruded and spun into thread. The thread is woven into fabric and printed with artwork designed by us. Then the fabric is sewn together into a strong, functionable and fashionable Pick & Pack bag or accessory.




Social rights

Our social responsibility includes many interactions with Pick & Pack – from design and manufacturing to communication and sales. We believe that children have the freedom to choose products that match their personality, mood and creativity. All our bags and accessories are unisex and we never categorize or present our products based on gender.

We don’t own a factory but share the responsibility together with other brands. The small factory we work with has very high standards regarding fair labour and protection of the environment. Pick & Pack has a strong personal long-standing relationship with the manufacturer and build a cooperation that is profitable for both of us.

To assure that our materials and processes are as agreed, we work with various certifications and standards covering materials, production and the employees in the factory we are working with.

We work with BSCI, REACH compliance, Global Recycling Standard (GRS)