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Pick & Pack children's backpacks for young children

Pick & Pack sounds nice and wears nice too. These cool children's backpacks with trendy prints have been specially developed for the youngest children. Suitable for taking to school or daycare. The Scandinavian brand has clearly not just launched a children's backpack, but has taken a close look at how children move, play and what they like at this age. Functionality and design are based on this and beautifully brought together. The children's backpacks are sturdy and beautifully finished. The design and wearing of it are geared to the carrying capacity of young children and especially in a way that they like. The nicest children's backpacks? Pick & Pack.

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Birds Backpack S Dusty blue
  • €34,95


Birds Backpack XS Dusty blue
  • €29,95


Birds Backpack M Dusty blue
  • €49,95


Kids School Bag

The Pick & Pack children's backpack is available in sizes small and medium, well suited to the height of the child. Such a backpack is suitable for a primary school child or is the first backpack that the child carries to daycare.

School bag for boys

Cool animal prints on the boys' bags. They want to be seen with that. The colors and prints are completely tailored to what they like. Such as a children's backpack printed with tractors, sharks or insects.

School bag for girls

A girls school bag does not always have to be pink. Light blue, soft yellow. Pick & Pack has children's backpacks with great prints. The format is just right and the girls know exactly which one they want. The choice is therefore wide. Mice, bees or dogs as a print? It's all there.

Child backpack is ergonomically responsible

A backpack child must meet ergonomic requirements. There, Pick & Pack really took this into account in the development of this backpack child. Did you know that a children's backpack should not be heavier than ten percent of the child's total body weight? Only in this way can you spare the back, which is vulnerable in young children. After all, they are still growing.
The handy straps on the front of the backpacks also ensure a very pleasant wearing comfort, and the straps also feature beautiful prints.

The bags from Pick & Pack are of such a size that this can be prevented at all times. The bag carries firmly on the back and you can stuff it with anything and everything. From books and cases full of markers, to swimming clothes or a nice hug. Bring along, that Pick & Pack bag.